If you wash your workout clothes with traditional detergent, you’re probably familiar with this cycle:

1. You work up a sweat while exercising

2. Your clothes are drenched with odor causing sweat, body oils, and bacteria

3. You wash your activewear with traditional detergent

4. Your clothes come out smelling “clean” but odors quickly return the next time you wear them (because you’ve actually just trapped the odor causing agents) 

The cycle continues and the odors get worse over time.

Tried everything to get the smell out of your activewear clothing?

Your laundry detergent may be the problem. Here’s why…

Clothing has changed from cotton to synthetic technical fibers. These new technical fabrics commonly used in active wear offer increased breathability, however, the tightly woven fibers also lock in odor causing sweat, oils, and bacteria much more than traditional cotton fabrics.

While fabrics have evolved, your laundry detergent has not. That’s where we come in


Gave this a shot since it seemed like my gym clothes (mostly LuLuLemon and similar fabrics) never ended up smelling completely clean. Only washed with it once but it’s noticeably different. One thing to note, there really isn’t a scent with this detergent but I much prefer a “clean” smell vs. a scent trying to overpower the stench.

Alfredo C. / Amazon

My husband and I take Taekwondo classes, and I have two teenage boys. Recently I put a load of my sons clothes in the wash and when I went to change them to the dryer they still had a little odor.. I remembered I had just bought this stuff, so I ran it through again with a scoop. Took it away like it wasn’t ever there. I was kind of surprised actually, but super happy about it! So, so far so good!

MJ / Amazon

Loved the detergent! I feel like a lot of my workout clothes aren’t as clean as I want them to be after a wash & this detergent made a noticeable difference! I don’t like overwhelming fragrances for laundry products, and the smell of the detergent was really light & fresh. I would definitely recommend this to anyone going to the gym, or even for regular laundry loads!

Dasha K / Amazon