Washing Instructions for Stax Clothing

Stax is an activewear brand that offers fashion-focused activewear for both performance and lifestyle purposes. Aside from apparel, they also sell various accessories such as visors, headbands, tote bags, crew socks, face masks, and more. More About Stax Stax was founded by Don Robertson and Matilda Murray in 2015. Based in Australia, the company blends […]

Washing Instructions for Everlane Activewear

Everlane is a clothing brand that’s known for their transparent pricing. Aside from activewear, they also sell shoes, sandals, bags, face masks, and other accessories. More About Everlane Everlane was founded by Jesse Farmer and Michael Preysman in 2010. Based in San Francisco, California, the company started out as a direct-to-consumer online menswear retailer. Over […]

Washing Instructions for Groceries Apparel

Groceries Apparel is an eco-friendly fashion brand that’s known for using organic fabrics and non-toxic dyes. Since the pandemic, they’ve also started selling face masks for adults and kids. More About Groceries Apparel Groceries Apparel was founded by Robert Lohman and Matthew Boelk in 2010. Based in Los Angeles, the company’s goal is to redefine […]

Washing Instructions for Indigo Luna Activewear

Indigo Luna is an eco-conscious apparel brand that specializes in yoga wear and swimwear. They also have a knit collection that consists of ponchos, dresses, jumpers, tees, and scarves. More About Indigo Luna Indigo Luna is a small, family-run company that’s known for their sustainable and eco-conscious manufacturing practices. For one thing, all of their […]