How to Safely Wash Lululemon Leggings & Clothing

Lululemon Athletica is a yoga-inspired apparel company. Based in Canada, the brand sells a variety of activewear including jackets, shirts, shorts, and leggings for both men and women. In addition to clothing, they also manufacture accessories such as yoga mats, bags, hats, headbands, and more. More About Lululemon Athletica The Canadian company was founded by […]

10 Eco Friendly Laundry Tips

Doing the laundry can be a real snoozefest. After all, who actually enjoys washing and hanging up everything? As dull as it might be, however, it’s something that needs to be done on a regular basis. You probably know this already, but dirty clothes can harbor icky bacteria, ones that can lead to skin infections. […]

The Best Way to Wash Polyester Clothes

Synthetic fibers have become more and more popular over the past several years. As opposed to natural materials such as cotton and wool, these fibers are man-made through various chemical processes. To be more specific, they are synthesized from polymers of small molecules. As you might expect, these types of fibers come with a number […]

How to Wash TSLA Leggings & Compression Pants

TLSA is a sports brand that specializes in high-quality rash guards and triathlon suits. Launched in 2007, the company incorporates many new technologies into their fabrics and products. Over the past decade, they have not only produced high-tech sportswear for professionals but to the general public as well. Currently, most of their sales come from […]

Nike Dri-FIT Ultimate Washing Guide

Nike is one of the most prominent athletic brands out there. As a matter of fact, they are the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes. Aside from footwear and clothes, they also sell equipment and accessories such as bags and wallets. Over the years, they have sponsored numerous athletes including Michael Jordan, Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and […]

Liquid vs Powder Laundry Detergents

Doing the laundry can be somewhat of a science—there are several things that you have to consider when it comes to washing your clothes. As it is, we can’t just blindly toss everything into the machine (well, you can, but we wouldn’t recommend it). For starters, you have to take into consideration the kind of fabric […]

The Best Laundry Detergent for Outdoor Clothing

Regular exercise is one of the best things that we can do for our health. By incorporating it into our lifestyle, we not only improve our cardiovascular strength, but we’ll also strengthen our muscles and bones. As with all things, however, it comes in a variety of forms. For instance, some of us choose to […]

How to Wash Victoria’s Secret PINK Activewear

Victoria’s Secret is a popular lingerie brand. Aside from underwear, which they are mainly known for, they also sell swimwear, fragrances, and beauty products. Based in Columbus, Ohio, the company was founded by Roy Raymond and his wife in the late ’70s. Allegedly, he had come up with the idea after buying lingerie at a […]

How to Clean & Deodorize Stinky Lacrosse Gear

Lacrosse is a team sport in which players try to hit a ball into a goal or net. Fast paced, it is similar to hockey in many ways. For instance, they both require incredible stick skills; both games also feature five players and a goalie. Played by men, women, and children, it is quickly becoming […]

Washing Guide for Old Navy Activewear Clothing

Old Navy is a clothing brand that is known for its inexpensive apparel and accessories. Founded in 1994, the company is a subsidiary of Gap, Inc, a retailer that operates five other divisions. Noted for its blue and white logo, they sell a variety of products for women, men, and children including clothing, footwear, swimwear, […]