How to Properly Clean Adidas Shoes

Adidas is one of the largest manufacturers of sportswear in the world. Based in Germany, the company sells a variety of shoes and clothing, as well as sports equipment. Over the past decade, they’ve collaborated with numerous celebrities including Pharrell Williams, Stan Smith, and Kanye West. More About Adidas Adidas was established by Adolf Dassler, […]

The Best Ways to Wash Knee & Elbow Sleeves

Knee injuries are not uncommon. In fact, the knee is one of the most commonly injured body parts! There are a number of injuries that you can get such as strains, sprains, fractures, and dislocations. In some cases, you can even tear the meniscus. What’s the meniscus? It’s a piece of rubbery cartilage that provides […]

How Often Should You Wash Bed Sheets?

Bed sheets act as barriers between you and the mattress. To understand their importance, however, we have to talk a little more about the latter. As you might be aware, these pads can become host to allergens such as dust mites, which can greatly affect your quality of sleep. Luckily, we can minimize our contact with […]

How to Wash Vibram FiveFingers Shoes

Vibram is known for their footwear, all of which feature vulcanized rubber technology. Named after its founder, the company manufactures a variety of shoes called “FiveFingers”, which are designed for running, training, water sports, and more. On top of that, they also sell accessories such as hats, massage balls, and dog toys, though it’s not […]

Washing Instructions for GAP Activewear

Gap is a well-known apparel company that operates worldwide. They sell a variety of products including tops, bottoms, outerwear, loungewear, and more for men, women, and children. They even have their own maternity line! Aside from clothing, they also manufacture shoes and accessories such as scarves, hats, belts, and bags. More About Gap Gap was […]

Reebok Clothing Ultimate Washing Guide

Reebok is a well-known company that sells sportswear. Aside from apparel, they also sell footwear. On top of that, they produce accessories such as water bottles, bags, gloves, socks, and headgear, all of which are available for purchase on their website.  Over the years, they’ve collaborated with many celebrities including 50 Cent, Rick Ross, Alicia […]

The Best Leggings with Pockets!

Leggings have become incredibly popular over the past several years. Some may argue that they’re not “real pants” but does it really matter if they’re comfortable and look great? They might have started out as a yoga essential but that’s no longer the case—if anything, they’ve become a category on their own! Let’s face it, […]

How to Wash Fishing Shirts

Is fishing a sport? This question has stirred up a lot of debate over the years. Contrary to popular belief, the activity does require physical exertion. You’d be surprised just how tiring it can be to haul a 50-pound tuna out of the waters!  Sure, it might not always be competitive (people fish for leisure […]

The Best Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts in 2019

It’s important to stay fit. Without physical activity, our bones and muscles would weaken over time. There are other benefits to exercising as well. For instance, it helps to maintain a healthy weight, regulate blood pressure, and improve endurance. It can also boost your mood! Considering that, it’s not surprising to know that many have incorporated exercise […]

Sports Gear Ultimate Washing Guide

Want to lead a healthy lifestyle? If so, be sure to incorporate exercise into your schedule. As you probably know, it comes with a wide array of health benefits.  For one thing, it helps to prevent certain chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Not only that, it can reduce […]