Washing Instructions for Homma Leggings

Amazon Marketplace has exploded in popularity over the past several years—and for good reason. They allow smaller businesses to catch the attention of millions of shoppers. What’s more is that the web giant will take care of most of the shipping, as long as you send the items to their warehouse. Homma is a clothing brand […]

The Best Ways to Remove Musty Towel Odors

Towels are incredibly useful. Not only are they great for the beach, but they’re awesome for cleaning up spills. An everyday essential, they come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. As you might be aware, they are made from a variety of fabrics including cotton, bamboo, hemp, linen, and microfiber. Of course, they […]

Forever 21 Leggings & Activewear Washing Instructions

Forever 21 is a fashion retailer that sells a variety of clothing from dresses to activewear. Based in Los Angeles, California, the brand is mainly known for its low pricing and trendy offerings. Aside from apparel, they also sell beauty products, home goods, and accessories. As of 2019, the company operates hundreds of stores in […]

How to Prevent Graphic T-Shirts from Cracking

Graphic tees are extremely popular. Surely, every one of us has at least a few in our wardrobe. Perfect for casual days, they feature a variety of designs from funky text to trendy logos. As you can imagine, they’re great outlets for illustrators and graphic designers. What better way to show off your work than […]

Baseball Gear Washing Guide & Cleaning Tips

Playing baseball is a great way to stay active. Not only will it strengthen your arms—as you’ll be swinging at and catching the ball—but it will also increase your mental concentration. As a cardiovascular exercise, it will also improve the function of your heart and lungs. After all, you’ll be running around in the baseball […]

How to Wash Neleus Leggings & Activewear

Neleus is a relatively new brand that sells sportswear. Aside from leggings, which seems to be their best seller, they also sell tank tops, compression shirts, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts for both men and women. According to their website, all of their products are appropriate for sports such as golf, cycling, basketball, and […]

The Best Way to Wash SmartWool Socks & Clothing

SmartWool is an apparel company that is known for their wool clothing. Based in Colorado, the brand sells a variety of items for men, women, and children—from socks to jackets. In addition to that, they produce accessories such as beanies, neck gaiters, gloves, blankets, and more. Over the years, they’ve collaborated with many athletes including […]

Washing & Care Guide for C9 Champion Clothing

C9 Champion is Target’s go-to activewear line. A subsidiary of Hanesbrands, they sell a wide assortment of apparel including leggings, sports bras, jackets, vests, and underwear. Aside from clothing, they also manufacture sports equipment such as dumbbells, exercise balls, hiking poles, jump ropes, and more. More About C9 Champion Target introduced C9 by Champion, one […]

Adidas Climacool & Climalite Ultimate Washing Guide

Adidas is one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world. Aside from clothes, they also sell footwear, accessories, and sports equipment. Known for their distinctive logo, which consists of three stripes, the brand has collaborated with many famous designers in the past including Alexander Wang and Jeremy Scott. They’ve also worked with numerous athletes […]

The Best Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

Laundry detergents are important when it comes to washing our clothes. Without them, it would be difficult to get rid of all of the dirt and oils that go onto our shirts and pants throughout the day. As it is, they’re easy to use too—all we have to do is add it to some water and […]