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Safe Washing Guide for Tie Dye Clothing

How do you feel about tie-dye clothing? Did you know that they date back to Ancient China? It’s true—there are written records that show that they were used during the Tang Dynasty. Bright and colorful, these types of garments peaked in popularity during the 1960s and 1970s. While it depends on the design, most include […]

How to Wash Fishing Shirts

Is fishing a sport? This question has stirred up a lot of debate over the years. Contrary to popular belief, the activity does require physical exertion. You’d be surprised just how tiring it can be to haul a 50-pound tuna out of the waters!  Sure, it might not always be competitive (people fish for leisure […]

How to Properly Wash Golf Shirts

Golf might not be the most demanding sport, but it still comes with plenty of health benefits. For starters, it burns calories and increases your heart rate. Swinging the golf club over time will also strengthen your legs, arms, and core muscles. It might even improve your vision as well! After all, you have to […]

The Best Ways to Wash Climbing Apparel

There are many types of climbing, all of which are considered to be physically demanding sports. For instance, there’s alpine climbing, sport climbing, trad climbing, and bouldering, to name a few. While different, they do have something in common; they require climbers to have a considerable amount of grip strength. After all, you’ll be using […]