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Washing Instructions for A AGROSTE Yoga Pants & Leggings

A Agroste is one of those clothing brands that you can find on Amazon. While their catalog isn’t particularly big, they do offer multiple types of tights and leggings. On top of that, they sell yoga tank tops for women, though they don’t seem to be as popular based on the number of reviews on […]

Washing Instructions for Lingswallow Yoga Pants

Have you ever bought clothes from Amazon? As it turns out, there are many companies that sell exclusively on the site. Why? For one thing, it lets them reach a lot of people. Assuming that they send their products to an Amazon warehouse, they won’t have to deal with shipping either. Lingswallow is one of […]

Washing Instructions for Fengbay Leggings & Yoga Pants

Who says that you have to head to the store for clothes shopping? You can easily just shop online. Take Amazon, for example, they offer many brands, some of which you can only find out the site—Fengbay is one such example. One of the many third-party brands available, they’re able to take advantage of the […]

11 Ways You’re Ruining Your Expensive Leggings

Leggings are great. Unlike most pants, they’re stretchy and skin-tight. Made from soft fibers (most of the time, anyway), they are comfortable and great for a variety of purposes—from lounging around to going to the gym. In fact, some are so comfy, you might even forget that you’re wearing them! Where can you get them? […]

Top 10 Affordable Leggings Brands on Amazon

Leggings have become super popular in the past few years. Why? They’re practical, especially if you plan on working out. For one thing, they’re incredibly comfy—it definitely beats wearing a pair of jeans! Second of all, they allow for a range of movement. In other words, you’ll be able to bend and move to your […]

The Best Leggings with Pockets!

Leggings have become incredibly popular over the past several years. Some may argue that they’re not “real pants” but does it really matter if they’re comfortable and look great? They might have started out as a yoga essential but that’s no longer the case—if anything, they’ve become a category on their own! Let’s face it, […]

Washing Instructions for IUGA Leggings

Over the past few years, more and more brands have started to sell on Amazon. It makes sense when you think about it, though—after all, it allows their products to be seen by millions of potential customers. If anything, it makes their catalog more visible, which increases sales. IUGA is one of these brands—they sell […]

Washing & Care Guide for C9 Champion Clothing

C9 Champion is Target’s go-to activewear line. A subsidiary of Hanesbrands, they sell a wide assortment of apparel including leggings, sports bras, jackets, vests, and underwear. Aside from clothing, they also manufacture sports equipment such as dumbbells, exercise balls, hiking poles, jump ropes, and more. More About C9 Champion Target introduced C9 by Champion, one […]

How to Wash Leggings Depot Yoga Pants & Leggings

Leggings Depot is a California-based company that sells a wide assortment of leggings. In addition to women’s leggings, which makes up most of their inventory, their catalog also includes a variety of styles for children. Aside from leggings, they also manufacture other types of apparel including jeans, joggers, skirts, jumpsuits, cardigans, and more. More About […]

How to Safely Wash Lululemon Leggings & Clothing

Lululemon Athletica is a yoga-inspired apparel company. Based in Canada, the brand sells a variety of activewear including jackets, shirts, shorts, and leggings for both men and women. In addition to clothing, they also manufacture accessories such as yoga mats, bags, hats, headbands, and more. More About Lululemon Athletica The Canadian company was founded by […]